How to Cause Ejaculation


Ejaculation is a fantastic sensation but most people have a very limited understanding of how they work and how to cause them other than a handful of methods.

Most women have never ejaculated and a substantial number of women have never had an orgasm. Far too many have very infrequent orgasms.

Current adult videos, especially pornography is of little help. The bulk of this material is created for visual stimulation. Porn rarely has anything to do with what "feels" good.

This is where we come in. Our sibling sites; and provide instructional videos demonstrating hundreds of methods on how to make a man ejaculate using only techniques that "feel" really good.

This site will focus on How to Cause a Woman to Ejaculate. For her we explore "foreplay," and other erotic intensity building techniques. We provide tools and videos that men can watch, follow and practice to become more skilled pleasure providers.

To understand orgasms we will be exploring the most intimate parts of female bodies; their labia, clitoris, vagina, g-spot and other erogenous zones using real women with close up video footage, during arousal and orgasm. This content is for adults only.